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The meal management system assists those without the luxury of time in their daily routines. Two strategically placed ice packs keep an array of up to five meals, along with healthy fruits, snacks and beverages, cool and fresh all day.

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SKU 3100-BB
Weight 8.00 lbs
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With 5 meal compartments in the large bag, there is no excuse for not having your meals on the go. Each 6 PACK® Bag comes with its own meal trays (5 in the large bag, storage compartments for protein shakers, water bottles, and other miscellaneous foods, and a top organizer for all of your supplements and vitamins. Every 6 PACK® Bag also come with 2 ice packs to ensure that your food stays cold. All the compartments are foil lined to help keep the bag insulated. organizes supplements.

Vitamin/Supplement Tray:

Easy storage and access for daily nutritional supplements, plus space for meal replacement bars and snacks.

Side Pockets:

Easy storage and access for daily Extra space for protein shakes, fruit, utensils, and additional containers. All the basic tools needed to travel fit.

Independently Accessible Vitamin/Supplement Tray:

Prepared and portioned meals slot easily into the interchangeable core, portable, easy, and efficient. 5-meal tray system. Easily transport a days worth of healthy foods. For the fitness elite. foods you need fresh all day.

Included Accessories:

Each DURUSTM comes prepacked and fully loaded with BPA, microwave/ dishwasher safe Sure Seal containers and 2 Gel freezer Packs

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